Carolinas Medical Center

Carolinas Medical Center Project by EBS, Exterior Building Services, LLC
Mercy Medical Plaza Project by EBS, Exterior Building Services, LLC
  1. Services Provided: Restoration of existing fountain          
    Project Description: Removed existing portions of the interior concrete slab of fountain to expose existing plumbing pipes, drains, lighting boxes and overflow scuppers in order to repair years of leaking and wash out under the existing slab. All drains, electrical boxes and scuppers were exposed and concrete repairs were made as well as sealant repairs to each location by need. After all penetrations were made and sound soil installed under the slab a NeoGard fountain coating system was applied to the entire surface area of the New concrete overlays and existing concrete.  Repairs to the plumbing was coordinated under the supervision of EBS, LLC by a local qualified subcontractor.  
  2. Services Provided: Damaged and rotten structure to Parking booth          
    Project Description: Existing Roof removal done to the structure. Installed new plywood, 30lb. felt cedar shake shingles.  Replaced damaged and deteriorated rafter tails with new treated wood.
  3. Services Provided: Damaged and broken skylight glass replacement         
    Project Description: The existing Skylight glass was broken over a period of time, replacements were needed to meet current code. The proper laminated interior light and proper tempered outboard light assembled in an insulated unit was provided to secure the Porte Cochere skylight units.