Started the work on the lower elevation. Rigged the building with Swing Stages. Trimmed the gaskets between the glass and metal framing and caulked with silicone caulk. Removed the perimeter sealant around the Curtain Wall and the windows and replaced with new sealant. Removed and installed the new silspan at the joints in the EIFS. Power Washed all the walls and coated with an elastomeric coating. The same sequence was done at the upper elevation.

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Carolinas Medical Center

EBS Provided several services:

  • Fountain refurbishment, new concrete overlay, WTP fountain, repairs to the drains and plumbing repairs

  • Contractors Parking: Roof removal, installed 30 lb. felt, cedar shingles, replaced various rafter tails

  • Mercy Hospital: Skylight glass replacement at the Porte Cochere

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